Expensive IT department? How hiring Complete IT to manage your IT services can save you money and free up staff to get on with what they do best.


For most businesses it is essential that someone takes care of your IT needs, responsible for the running and maintaining of all the systems on your network.


But not every business can afford a full time IT person or Chief Information Officer (CIO). So what happens when tech problems do arise and your business is affected? You still need someone professional to call on.


That's where Complete IT comes in - you don't need a CIO or full time tech, you just need reliable, local and trustworthy IT support that you know can take care of everything for you.


Whilst Complete IT may not be in your office every day, we make a point of knowing your business inside and out, just like a core member of your staff.

We are aware that one of the biggest barriers to engaging a sole a sole trader or small tech consulting firm to manage your business IT is, what do you do if something happens to them?

Complete IT has got you covered in this scenario, as we have developedsecure online documentation platform where we store all of your important IT information and passwords in a secure, encrypted, online database. This database is permanently accessible to you and any time you'd like access to your credentials, you can login securely (using a two-factor authentication mobile app) to the online portal.


We understand that it's your information (not ours) and that it forms a crucial part of your business succession planning - every business needs to have it's IT system documented. If your IT support people don't have it yet, we suggest you ask for it as soon as possible.

Complete IT takes care of the things most people are too busy to have time for like data backup, security, asset tracking, data recovery plans and the timely renewal of ageing equipment.


As professionals who work on the IT front line every day across many businesses and industries, and as consequence Complete IT is able to constantly up-skill and remain aware of emerging IT issues and technologies in a way not possible for a full time IT employee working in the same predictable environment day in day out can do.


This broad ranging expertise ultimately benefits all of our clients in a myriad of ways.

Services for businesses:

  • Remote Server Management

  • Office 365

  • Exchange Email Hosting

  • Patch Management

  • Remote Monitoring and Remediation

  • Hardware maintenance

  • Web Services

  • Data Backup

Experience and Certifications:

  • 25+ years working with the Windows Operating System for business

  • Microsoft Office 365 Reseller

  • Apple Certified

  • Member of the Apple Consultants Network

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